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The FBI’s Black Panther Coloring Book: Remind You Of Anything?

The FBI’s COINTELPRO program wanted to disrupt the Black Panthers, and the way they chose to do that is by pretending to be Black Panthers themselves and attacking all “moderate” Blacks, promoting violence and extreme hate speech designed to not only anger Whites but also to force normal Blacks – even reasonable but radical Blacks – to distance themselves from the Black Panthers.

They even created a series of “memes” – cartoons – that promoted violence, dehumanization, and “Street Battles with the Pigs.”

Review these cartoon memes by the FBI’s COINTELPRO program and ask yourself if it reminds you of anything in the Current Year?



Hipster Racist Is A Fictional Character

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All stories are fiction, all essays are satirical parody, and all comments are advertisement and promotional material.

So what does this mean? The novel, “The Life And Times of Hipster Racist” is 100% fiction. Here’s an example of how the author writes fiction. Let’s take “The Slut Power” series. It’s based on a few real life events. For instance, the author really did get paid ($500) to create a “modeling website” that was an obvious cover for some sort of prostitution ring. The other parts of the story are taken from a newspaper article from about 2005, there was some sort of “brothel” that was busted that was right around the corner from the author’s apartment, and they had pictures of the guy they arrested – “The Jew” – and some of the girls. “Miss Baltimore” is based on a real life woman the author met briefly who was totally cute and almost certainly some sort of call girl. The author had no sexual contact with her.

The author probably has not had sex with 100 women. It’s probably half that. Mostly in his teens and 20s.

The author started using the handle “Hipster Racist” on the MWIR blog a few years ago, to make jokes about this new racist trend – “hipster racism.” Most of the comments from this handle are sarcasm, snarky, jokes, or purposefully offensive ideas just to see how people react. For instance, the author couldn’t care less about the “issue” of women’s suffrage. But it’s interesting to posit something like “women shouldn’t vote.” The reaction is what’s interesting, the breaking of the taboo is what’s interesting.

The author is white, pro-white, and a 9/11 truther. The author is not Jewish but may have had sex with a few Jewish women now and again. The author is not a member of any organization, political party, an atheist, nor in any way related to any “hate” something or other. The author knows next to nothing about Hitler or the Nazis, but he did read about half of “Mein Kampf” in college but really couldn’t tell you much about it. The author is a big fan of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The author has read most of Kevin MacDonald’s work and agrees that mainstream Jewish culture in America tends to be virulently anti-white.

The author mostly has a sort of “southern” attitude about blacks. As Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent said, we don’t hate blacks, we just recognize that they are different than us.

The author thinks Bob Whitaker’s “Mantra” sums up the White Question best, supports the 14 Words but not the actions of David Lane, and believes MWIR/Aryan Skynet is the “WN 2.0 Espionage Model” that is an effective, long term, logistical plan.

The author is a big fan of Roissy and thinks he’s much funnier than people give him credit for.

The author is in no way connected to the “BDSM community” but may have tied up and spanked a few women in his time.

But seriously, 9/11 was an inside job. They planted some sort of thermite or explosives in World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7. It’s so obvious I have the question the motives of anyone who says otherwise.

Make People Forget Things They Knew

Look at the White people breeding and having White children!

Quick, let’s “problematize” them like Leonard Zakim says wants to. Since Leonard Zakim is an Ashkenazi Jew, thus, racist against European peoples, he wants to “rally up” all the “peoples of color” against English, Welsh, Irish, Scotish, French, Dutch, German, Polish and other European peoples.

Once you realize what this race-hate is, it’s not particularly interesting. There’s no need for any “conspiracy theory” either – this rival ethnic gang wants to kill you and you people, simple as that.

Now, which White European group wants to battle over Old Testament Scriptures with these Jews – you know, the ones Jesus battled against in the New Testament?